Dustproof and Sewing

There are various options of sealing and sewing FIBC. The type of dustproof sewing that will be used depends on the material to be packed in the big bag.


There are several levels of FIBC dustproof construction. Users can choose the level of dustproof that meets their needs. In the event that the buyer does not have experience with big bags, our sales managers have a proposal that meets their requirements. Then, the degree of dustproof which in practice proved adequate for this type of material is proposed.

Sealing strips can be arranged on the body of the jumbo bag:

  • Throughout the FIBC,
  • Along the height of the bag, at the bottom and the outlet spout,
  • Only at the bottom and the outlet spout,
  • Or only at baffles in the case of uncoated Q-bags.

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