Formstable FIBCs



Formstable fibc is a kind of bigbag that is constructed with inner diagonal walls (baffles) that ensure that the big bag keeps a rectangular shape when filled. These bigbags provide advantages in the transportation, storage and stacking of products. Formstable fibc is also known as Q-Bag. Q-Bag provides a safer and more efficient transportation of products thanks to the baffles that prevent the Q-Bag from getting an stomach when full. Q-Bags have more product capacity than standard bigbags. Also, Q-Bags take up less space and offer a more neat appearance when stacked.

Deniz Packing is a company specialized in the production of formstable fibc.

Our company offers Q-Bags that are specially designed according to the needs of our customers. Our company’s Q-Bags are made of high quality materials and have certificates of compliance with international standards. Our company’s Q-Bags are used in food, chemical, mining, agriculture, construction, textile and other sectors. Our company provides technical support to its customers in the production, filling, unloading and transportation of Q-Bags.


Deniz Packing is a reliable partner in formstable fibc. If you also want to transport your products more easily, safely and economically, contact us. Let us offer you the most suitable Q-Bag solutions.

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