High Durability and Easy Transportation with Big Bags!Robust Transport Solutions

At Deniz Packing, we assure you of robust transportation solutions. With our durable, eco-friendly, and corporate-oriented approach, we securely transport various loads. Put an end to the challenges of transportation with Deniz Packing and gain the key to confidence!

Sustainable Packaging SolutionsGreen Solutions, Big Differences!

At Deniz Packing, we carry the mission of preserving nature with our sustainable Big Bags. Our packaging, crafted from recyclable materials, provides the best eco-friendly options for transportation. Together, we shape the future!

One IndustryAll Solution

We produce specially for you the big bags you need.

About Our Company

22 years of experience in big bag and liner production

We have successfully developed an excellent reputation within the TR manufacturing market for the supply of quality FIBC’s/bulk bags. We have ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 approved  and our manufacturing against type tested certificates.

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Our Featured Products

Deniz Packing's Big Bag products are durable and versatile packaging solutions designed to ensure the healthy, safe, and efficient transportation of goods. With high-quality standards and custom design, these products enhance the safety and efficiency of your transportation processes



National or international transportation of hazardous goods is regulated with UN Recommendations on the Transport…



Formstable fibc is a kind of bigbag that is constructed with inner diagonal walls (baffles) that ensure that the big bag…



It is our priority to prevent any work accident which the accumulation and discharge of the…

Industry Updates and Innovations from Deniz Packing

At Deniz Packing, we take pleasure in sharing the latest innovations in the industry and significant developments related to our company with you. In our "Recent News" section, you can find information about current trends in the packaging industry, environmentally friendly practices, and the latest innovations in our product portfolio.

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How to Minimize Fire Risk with Big Bags

Introduction Big bags, also known as FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), are widely used...

How to Ensure Food Safety with Big Bags?

Introduction When it comes to transporting and storing food products, ensuring food safety is...

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