In the storage and transportation of food products, it is essential that the packaging material is free of contamination and protective against external factors which may result in loss of quality, freshness and structure. Our food grade area which is especially furnished for the purpose according to HACCP conditions, provides high quality and a strictly controlled production environment for food packaging material.

In our fully integrated facilities which are equipped with an extrusion machine, a clean room environment with special air pressure, air blowers and vacuum cleaners, light tables, stainless steel equipments,  ultrasonical and heat cutting devices, metal detection equipments and cover  an in-house test laboratory, R&D  departments and  UN and electrostatical energy testing units, we provide unique packaging solutions which answer to the technical and regulatory conditions of the food industry and comply with the binding regulations. We also provide special multi layered barrier liners for food products.

Food products vary from very thin products such as flour, starch and sugar to grains and seeds  and therefore necessitate the usage of a wide range of big bags with different designs, structures and handlings. Our experienced staff will help you determine the ideal big bag for your product.

Solution Offers

Some food products packed in big bags

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