Discharging Options


This type of big bag provides an opportunity for emptying FIBC by cutting the bottom. This is the cheapest type of a big bag (bulk bag can only be used once). It is also used for packing waste which will be buried or burnt along with the bulk bag. In the construction sector bags with a flat bottom are often upset when discharged.


Is the standard option for emptying big bags. The range of the spout width (diameter) ranges from 25 cm to 65 cm. The length of the spout should be at least the value of the spout diameter. Standard length is 50cm.

Outlet spout + Rosette closure

Additional spout protection so that the spout does not damage during transportation and handling of FIBC. Rosettes are sewn from light fabric. When the rosette is tied, the FIBC looks like it has a flat bottom.

Outlet spout + star closure

Star closure is a special type of rosette closure that is made from heavy fabric and looks like a star.

Double drain spout

a double spout is can be used to protect the inner spout.

Outlet spout + flap

The flap is the cover that is made of heavy fabric and protects the bottom of a big bag from moisture. The flap is attached to the bottom of the FIBC with a band.


Skirts are used to open the complete bottom of the a big bag. When the skirt is opened, the whole bottom of the bulk bag is open. The skirt itself cannot withstand much of the load so usually it must be covered with a flap or a system similar to a star closure. Big bag with skirts on the bottom are used for materials that are difficult to empty through a spout, for example, sawdust, peat.


The flap in this case mainly serves to carry the load of the bulk bag. It is made from heavy fabric, sewn to one side of the bottom and fixed with ties to the remaining three sides of the big bag bottom.


The rosette (letter) serves here as a skirt protection. It is made from heavy fabric, in the shape of a letter.


Jumbo bags with conical bottom facilitate the discharging of material from the big bag. Some products that are packed in a jumbo bag tend to accumulate in the corners of the big bag which creates a problem when emptying the material, so the user must shake the bag when discharging the material from it. The bottom of conical big bags is tapered so all the material easily flows into the spout when emptying the big bag.

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